The Eternal Palace Completed

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    Jul 11, 2016
    Another classic late news post!

    We finally killed Queen Azshara after a very disappointing ~700k (0.3%) wipe on Thursday the week before. We were able to come in next raid day and kill it quickly for a nice US 69th pre-nerf kill.


    This tier was our first full tier as Horde and I'd like to thank everyone for stepping up in crunch time to accomplish our goals and set us better for the future. We're happy with our progression as a 9-hour guild, but we also hope to use this as a building block to becoming an even more well-rounded and efficient guild.

    Here are kill shots I've been slacking on uploading.


    We're always recruiting and currently looking ranged dps classes! Primarily Balance Druid and Shadow Priest.

    Thank you and see you next tier!